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World Health Day

World Health Day is celebrated on 7th April every year to mark the founding of the World Health Organisation. This year World Health Day is driving awareness to depression with their theme ‘Depression – let’s talk’. “More than 300 million people globally are now living with depression, an increase of more than 18% between 2005 and 2015” according to the WHO.


At AMC we want to support world initiatives by signing up as many people as possible on our course – How to get back your Mojo using the unique concept of Health Gremlin and the formula : Emotional Wellbeing = effective Stress management + Resilience skills and you’ll receive a copy of the book of the same name!

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Getting your mojo back …


UK Health RadioAnn tells us how and the truly inspiring Chris Day the head of Filament Publishing talks about encouraging people to write books and how writing can change your life for the better…

Ann McCracken provides consultancy and in-house training courses to private and public sector organisations throughout the UK.

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Happy Customers

“Thank you for a very informative training session last week on Managing Stress in Teams. The Return to Work Wheel will be most useful to use with my team.”

Pip Towell MCIPD Service Manager HR Advisory Service People and Organisation

Central Bedfordshire Council

Happy Customers

“AMC² delivered a very good stress awareness course to around 120 office-based staff, in a number of sessions. The feedback from these was extremely positive and well above what we expected. What I appreciated as a manager was her style of delivery and easy manner; but she didn’t pull back from direct messages about individual responsibility. Everyone left the course with some useful stress management techniques”

Jim Ward Business Lead, CCS Network Operations

National Grid

Happy Customers

“We were very satisfied with the coaching services you provided. Our employee is now much more effective”

DHL International Logistics Company

Happy Customers

“Overall rating of your course was extremely high and our employees now have a better understanding of the stress issues and how to apply the Management Standards”

EFM Facilities Management Company

Happy Customers

“The information from our stress risk audit is extensive and so useful in determining our action planning”

Micro Electronics Company

Happy Customers

“Thank you so much for your inspirational talk yesterday.  Although you only had 30 minutes, you really managed to get the message across.  I came away feeling inspired and, although I believe I have a positive mental attitude, my husband has MS and sometimes feels negative about the situation.  I raved about your talk when I got home and I’m sure just a few of your tips will make a difference. “


Midlands UK

Happy Customers

“I’ve just been reviewing the online feedback from attendees and a good few mention your session as one of the highlights of the event,”

Robert Wilson CEO

Institute Debt Advisors

Healthy Business News

How to Sleep Well

This information is a helpful guide if you have a problem with sleeping, use it with the Top Tips and sleep diary. It may take a few weeks to really establish a new sleep pattern so persevere, and if there is no improvement after 4 weeks, seek professional advice, as...

Individual Stress Risk Assessment Tool:

As I work around the country I notice that the use of the Management Standards approach for Individual Stress Risk Assessment seems to focus on the 35 Organisational Risk Assessment questions. Some people are even putting the result from one individual into the HSE...

Are you a Smombie?

The term Smombie has been added to our vocabulary to describe a pedestrian who walks without attention to their surroundings, because they are focused on their smartphone! The potential for an accident to such individuals and others in vehicles and on foot is obvious...

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