How to Get Back your MOJO

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Mojo is a great feeling inside your body and mind that is powerful, enabling and exhilarating. It embraces confidence, assertiveness, positivity and contentment with a sense of personal control.

Great Mojo is good for all aspects of your life – work, home, relationships, psychological and physical health.

It gives you an aura of charisma and charm, drawing both humans and animals towards you.

With your Mojo in place you will love the life you create.  You will attract like-minded people.

This personal development course is based on the book of the same name and is run by the author Ann McCracken who has many years of experience as a therapist and trainer.

Her approach is grounded in neuroscientific research, observations and communication skills providing unique insights and supporting personal development.


Six key things you will learn in this course:

  1. Personality factors relating to self awareness
  2. Thinking styles
  3. The relevance of Beliefs and Values
  4. Early warning sign of stress, anxiety etc.,
  5. How to apply the Health Gremlin Concept©
  6. The benefits of Mindfulness

This course can be run with the standard number of 12 delegates which will enhance learning and personal development, with opportunities for personal discussion with the trainer.

*It can also be run with a larger group e.g. ‘Away Day’ or as part of  ‘Wellbeing Focus Day’ for teams or sectors as a means of  creating a ‘focal point’ for group activities.

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