What is a Health Gremlin?

They are an ethereal part of every person’s body and they eat emotions for breakfast, lunch, dinner and any other time you care to feed us/them !

Here is generic Health Gremlin……….

This Gremlin eats your emotion and morphs into the Gremlin, specific for the emotion

For instance:

Health Gremlin
You feel happy and joyous and full of Mojo
Health Gremlin


You feel sad, lonely, disconsolate, or unwell

Health Gremlin


You feel, confident and your life is good

Health Gremlin

Confident Health Gremlin


You feel everyone must pay attention to you, adore the lime light, love to talk about yourself and your opinions and love bringing people together

Health Gremlin

Attention Health Gremlin


You feel busy, busy, busy and are always ‘chasing your tail’

Health Gremlin

Busy Health Gremlin

The Health Gremlin Concept©

Based on the scientific research of the late Professor Candace Pert and her team, Ann was inspired to explain aspects of psychological and physical ill health in terms of experienced emotions.

Over a period of 18 years working as a psychotherapist she observed the connection between thinking styles and ill health. Her first case study was a client with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) who was locked into some upsetting experiences involving travel and years after still found it difficult to make a journey.  By clearing the undermining subconscious trigger and consequent belief, her client was able to reclaim his life again and travel with confidence.  Further cases, enhanced her belief in understanding your triggers and taking responsibility for changing them, thus allowing people to live the lives they wanted.

As a scientist, teacher and trainer, Ann is always looking for ways to explain concepts and outcomes in an easy to understand way, so it is no surprise that she developed this Health Gremlin Concept©

With her Cartoonist – Clive Francis – they have developed amusing, insightful depictions of behaviours and outcomes of thinking processes.  The Gremlins make it easy to recognise behaviours and the choice to change them if they wish is clearly with the individual.

This concept of balanced self awareness and self responsibility is hard to instill in the 21st Century of “me first” thinking, excessive behaviours or intense introversion.  The belief that ‘it’ is someone’s else’s fault seems to be endemic and it is hoped that the pendulum will swing back to the centre ground where people are grounded, supportive and positive for the greater good.

These are high ideals and if the Gremlins can make just one small step towards these aims, I will be greatly encouraged.

Ann McCracken

Understand and manage your health gremlins

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