Motivational Speaker

With several decades of experience as a research scientist, educationalist, broadcaster, writer and motivational speaker, Ann now works as a management trainer and psychotherapist.

She uses her extensive life and work experiences to create an intimate and energised atmosphere as she shares information, research and opinions all wrapped up with humour and knowledge. She engages her audiences with interactive questions and opinion polls, creating unique insights into her chosen topics.


Other topics are available and can be bespoke to your audience.  Please contact me for further information.

Speaker Topics

Ann has spoken throughout the UK and India bringing her wealth of knowledge into her presentations with a light touch which enables participants to grasp the facts and make them their own.

‘How to get back your Mojo’

An overview of the book of the same name, introducing the Health Gremlins.  This original concept, clarifies recent research in Medicine, explaining how awareness of your thoughts, attitudes, lifestyle and life skills are vital to a healthy, sustained life full of vitality (Mojo)

Neuroscience Demystified

An explanation from a scientist with many years of experience in research and training.  Neuroscience is the most exciting aspect of scientific research at the moment, as it is opening up understanding of body systems and, vitally, how they interact.  The Mind / Body connection is finally being exposed and the challenge is to embrace this exciting and wondrous new/old concept.

Positive Psychology, Resilience and how to get it

There is an old saying – “You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”. This statement epitomises the basis of this topic.  Being positive and optimistic comes from within and when combined with flexibility and commitment, you will achieve your aims and goals…..or find better ones on the way!

A Dog’s View of Management

This original topic takes a look at the aspects and effects of ‘management’ from the point of view of the dog, Mac the Doodle.  Mac is Ann’s family dog and being part Poodle he has definite opinions on quite a few topics while his Labrador side provides stability and doggedness/determination.   This light hearted presentation provides insights and amusement on process and procedures in the workplace.

Public Speaking/Conference Chair

Health and Wellbeing @ Work NEC Birmingham 2017
Speaker: Individual Psychosocial Risk Assessments in the workplace

Health and wellbeing @ Work NEC Birmingham 2017
Chair: Resilience and Emotional Wellbeing Stream

National Stress Awareness Day 2016
Speaker : Lloyds Commercial Bank London

IOSH West Midlands Branch Conference 2016
Chair: Emotional Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing @ Work NEC Birmingham 2016
Chair: Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience Stream

CIPD Midlands Group : 2015
Speaker: Managing Pressure to avoid Stress

Workplace Wellbeing & Stress Forum London 2015
Chair: Symposium Events

Health and Wellbeing @ Work NEC Birmingham 2015
Chair: Stress Management and Emotional Wellbeing Stream

IOSH West Midlands Group 2015
Speaker: Psychosocial Risk Assessment in Organisations

Northamptonshire Occupational Health & Safety Group (NOSHEA) 2014
Speaker: Taking Stress and Wellbeing Seriously

Sterling Events Conference : Stress management and Wellbeing 2014
Speaker: ‘Creating a Healthy Workplace Environment’

Health and Wellbeing @ Work NEC Birmingham 2014
Chair: Emotional Wellbeing & Resilience

Workplace Wellbeing & Stress Forum London 2013
Chair: Symposium Events

Health and Wellbeing @ Work NEC Birmingham 2013
Chair: Stress Management Stream

Health and Wellbeing @ Work NEC Birmingham 2012
Chair: Stress Management and Wellbeing Stream

Midlands Police Conference 2012
Speaker: Staying well in the Police Force

Health and Wellbeing @ Work NEC Birmingham 2011
Chair: Stress Management and Wellbeing Stream

Health and Wellbeing @ Work NEC Birmingham 2010
Chair: Stress Management Stream

ISMA Annual Conference 2010
Chair : Beating Stress in Life and Business

USDAW Insurance Section Annual Conference Blackpool 2010
Speaker : The Truth about Stress

ISMA Annual Conference 2009
Chair : Stressing the Positives

Health and Wellbeing @ Work NEC Birmingham 2009
Chair: Stress Management Stream

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