How to get back your mojo

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In her latest book, Ann explores the concept of Mojo and how you can reclaim it, echoing her firm belief that self-awareness leads to growth and great Mojo – a topic which is popular with both individuals and corporate clients.



How to get back your Mojo introduces Ann’s unique concept of Health Gremlins.

Based on the scientific neuro-research of the late Professor Candace Pert, Ann was inspired to explain aspects of psychological and physical ill health in terms of experienced emotions.

As a scientist, teacher and trainer, Ann is always looking for ways to explain concepts and outcomes in an easy to understand way, so it is no surprise that she developed this Health Gremlin Concept©

In this book, Ann relates health outcomes to the emotions we all experience throughout life and relates these to our inherent beliefs, values, experiences and thinking patterns. Our Gremlin eats the resultant emotion and morphs into that behaviour travelling around the body creating havoc or and ill health or joy and great health.

When your Health Gremlins are positive, Mojo results and this feels GREAT!

1 review for How to get back your mojo

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    “How to get back your Mojo” is a self help book that easily can be applied to any age group or section of the community. In writing the book, Ann McCracken has, with humour and clarity, tackled the endless procession of self-defeating thoughts that afflict most of us, and turned them into inspiring, positive and healthy thoughts that support and motivate us to better and greater achievements, helping to develop a stronger self-belief and greater love for ourselves. The “Gremlin” concept leads the reader to divert any blame for their situation on to some fictional creature skilfully avoiding any self-defeating criticism and facilitates finding our inner motivator and champion. I really enjoyed this easy and engaging read.

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