The power of your thoughts


the power of your thoughtsI am writing this the day after the horrific fire in London.  It was so much to absorb as I watched the horror unfold and listened to the stories of the survivors and their relatives and friends.  I found myself sharing their agony.  The situation is still ongoing and will mark those who survived, including the emergency services for ever.

The massive response from the wonderful people around the area and the country has renewed my faith in the strength of today’s British culture.

At a personal level, I am recovering from a significant restructuring of my shoulder and still in great pain; the distress I have been witnessing seemed to increase my physical pain.  I guess that is empathy in action.

Thoughts are energy in motion.  Empathy in action is being shown by Londoners and others around the country and I believe we can all participate to increase this energy of love and support to people in the Grenfell Tower area by regularly taking time out to focus our thoughts and energy on all the people involved -–those who have passed over, those who will bear the physical scars for life and all those survivors and rescuers who will, deep inside them, feel their experience over and over in the coming months and years.

Focusing your thoughts is very powerful, but joining with others, even for a short time, enhances the power of love and support to all who have been touched by this horrific incident.

So even if you are unable to be actively involved, here is a way to stop, focus, meditate – call it what you will, but on your own or with others let’s value the lives of those who died and energise those who survived to make it through this dark time.

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